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On a hot summer day in July 2023, at Coronado Farm's, a calf named Little Girl was born. But sadly, her mom passed away giving birth, leaving Little Girl all alone. Determined to give her a fighting chance, The Coronado Family stepped in, here is her story .

The first two days were tough. Little Girl hadn't eaten and we didn't know why. It wasn't until later the second day that we set out to look for her mama, sadly we discovered she had passed away. But we didn't let that discourage us. Without hesitation, we went out to get all the supplies to bottle-feed her, as this had never happened at our farm before.  


As the days turned into weeks, Little Girls thrived under our care. She became the star of the farm, capturing the heart of anyone who laid eyes on her. Her playful nature and gentle spirit brought joy to all who crossed her path. Everyday, we watched Little Girl grow stronger, her big, innocent eyes shinning with resilience.


We called her Little Girl because, at first, we weren't sure she would make it. But she proved everyone wrong., defying the odds and capturing everybodys heart. We have changed her name to Bingo, but she only responds to Little Girl. 

And so, the story of Little Girl, the little calf who overcame adversity came to be. People marvel at her strength and the love that surrounded her. She has become a symbol of hope and resilience, reminding us all that with love and care, anything is possible. 

Little Girl's Full Story

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